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You’re a busy person — don’t let vehicle problems get in your way.

Auto Block Autorepair Inc. has the proper equipment and experience to locate, repair and/or replace the issue quickly and effectively.


Certified Trained Technicians

- Fuel Diagnostic Service

- Electrical

- Brakes

- Tune-ups

- Exhaust Systems

- Front End

- Air Conditioning


Have your vehicle serviced regularly!

Coolant hoses

Cooling system hoses deteriorate in normal use due to flexing, vibration, extreme temperatures, and chemicals contained in your vehicle’s coolant. Replace hoses when leaking, brittle, cracked, rusted.

Engine belts

Belts should be checked annually for looseness and overall condition. Replace when cracked, frayed, glazed or showing signs of excessive wear.

Timing belts

Timing belts must be replaced as specified in your owner’s manual. Failure to replace at the suggested intervals could result in a breakdown and severe engine damage.

Spark plugs and ignition wires

Spark plugs and ignition wires are recommended to be replace as specified in your owner’s manual with the same kind of spark plug. 


Air filters

it is advised Air filters should be replaced at least once per year to ensure the free delivery of clean air to your engine. A soiled air filter restricts the flow of air into your engine and can cause fuel economy to drop.

Fuel filter

Fuel filters can become contaminated with water or restricted by other particles causing other fuel delivery components to work harder to sustain fuel pressure. 

Chassis lubrication

The vehicle’s suspension and chassis are composed of numerous moving parts that are very susceptible to wear when proper lubrication is not followed.

Cabin air filter

Cabin air filters remove particles, bacteria, and other items harmful to human respiratory systems.Cabin air filters should be replaced yearly.


Properly mounted and balanced tires will ensure you receive the maximum comfort, tread life, and security. Improperly maintained tires could result in detrimental effects on your vehicle’s performance and overall safety such as; irregular tire wear, possible tire failure, reduced fuel economy and decreased handling characteristics of your vehicle.


Routine oil changes are one of the most important services that could be done to protect the life of the vehicle and maintain it's warranty. On average approximately 2 to 4 oil changes per year are required. Any maintenance schedule should follow the manufacturer’s suggested intervals to maintain your warranty.


During the wheel alignment process, the technicians will test drive the vehicle identifying issues; such as pulling or drifting. Tires that are out of alignment risk premature wear, reduce fuel economy and increase driver fatigue due to vehicle pull. It is recommended to have your alignment checked annually for optimal performance.

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